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Музыкант: Aidan Baker


Dance Of Lonely MoleculesCDr, Limited EditionBlade Records2007
OneiromancerCDDie Stadt2006
Oneiromancer2 x CDDie Stadt2006
Approaching A Black HoleCDr, Album, Limited EditionFargone Records2006
At Home With...CD, Limited Edition, AlbumInfraction2005
TraumereiCDrEvelyn Records2005, MP3Dark Winter2005
At The Base Of The Mind Is Coiled A SerpentCDLe Cri De La Harpe2004
Field Of DronesCDrArcolepsy Records2004
Ice Against My SkinCDrArrêt Arrêt Recordings2004
Scouring Thin BonesFile, MP3Noiseusse2004
Butterfly BonesCDBetween Existence Productions2004
Threnody One : LamentationCDrNulll2004
AntithesisCDrpetite sono]2004
Métamorphose (En Sept Étages)CDrS'agita Recordings2003
At The Fountain Of ThirstCDrMystery Sea2003
Loop Studies RemixedCDr, AlbumArcolepsy Records2003
ConcretionCDrDTA Records2003
DreammaresCDrMechanoise Labs2003
CicatriceCDr, MiniDreamland Recordings2003
Terza RimaCDrPublic Eyesore2003
Black Flowers BlossomCDrSonic Syrup2003
Loop Studies OneCDrLaub Records2003
Eye Of DayCDrForeign Lands2003
Pretending To Be FearlessCDrFleshmadeword2002
I Fall Into YouCDrPublic Eyesore2002
Wound CultureCDrUnbound Books2002
Green & ColdCDr, AlbumGears Of Sand
An Intricate Course Of DeceptionCD.Angle.Rec.
Within The Final CircleFile, MP3Mirakelmusik
Still My Beating Heart BeatsFile, MP3, 192 kbit/sPertin_nce
030706File, MP3City Of Glass
ThoughtspanCDr, Limited EditionTosom
The Taste Of Summer On Your SkinCDr, Minitaâlem
Approaching a BlackholeCDrFargone Records
Tense SurfacesFile, MP3Panospria
Paeu SensibleFile, MP3BitPhitz
Songs Of Flowers & SkinFile, MP3Zunior Records
RemixesCDr, Album, Limited EditionArcolepsy Records
Broken & RemadeCD, Album, Limited EditionVolubilis Records
FiguresCDTransient Frequency
Still My Beating Heart BeatsCDrPertin_nce
OrangeCDr, EP, Limited Edition, Orangethisquietarmy Records
The Sea Swells A Bit...CDA Silent Place
PeriodicCDr, Limited EditionCrucial Bliss
ElementCDrArcolepsy Records
LettersCDrArcolepsy Records
BlauserkCDr, MiniThe Locus Of Assemblage
Same River TwiceVinyl, 7", Limited EditionDrone Records
IchneumonFile, MP3TIBProd.
CandescenceCDrVerato Project
Skein Of VeinsFile, MP3Phoniq
RuralCDrBlade Records
PendulumCDrGears Of Sand
Dog Fox Gone To GroundCDr, Limited EditionAfe Records

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