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Музыкант: Hafler Trio, The


Exactly As I Am2 x CDImportant Records (2)2005
The Water Has No Hair To Hold On ToVinyl, 10"Dekorder2005
The Sea OrgCD, Album, Enhanced, RemasteredKorm Plastics2004
Wolf Sheep Cabbage (Evidence Pertaining To The Destroyer)Vinyl, 7, Limited Edition, ClearSomnimage2004
Wolf Sheep Cabbage (Evidence Pertaining To The Creator)Vinyl, 7, Limited Edition, ClearSomnimage2004
Wolf Sheep Cabbage (Evidence Pertaining To The Preserver)Vinyl, 7, Limited Edition, ClearSomnimage2004
Only the hand that erases can write the true thing2x10"SmallVoices2004
Only The Hand That Erases Can Write The True Thing2 x Vinyl, 10"SmallVoices2004
The Concentrated Recapturing Of ThoughtVinyl, 10"Slapart2004
Normally2 x CDSoleilmoon Recordings2003
A House Waiting For Its MasterVinyl, 10"Rossbin2003
Whistling About Chickens2 x CDFire Inc.2003
The Birds Must Be EliminatedVinyl, 10"Dekorder2003
The Man Who Tried To DisappearVinyl, 10"Ossosnossos2003
Three Ways Of Saying NoCDr, Unofficial ReleaseRadio Gagarin2003
HljódmyndCD, Album, Limited EditionDie Stadt2000
Who Sees Goes On / Hand WaveCD, Album, Limited EditionDie Stadt1998
Who Sees Goes On #1 : TimerapeVinyl, 10"Die Stadt1997
Who Sees Goes On #2 : Broadcast In WhiteVinyl, 10"Die Stadt1997
Who Sees Goes On #3 : LipchamberVinyl, 10"Die Stadt1997
Who Sees Goes On #4 : GodfoodVinyl, 10"Die Stadt1997
Who Sees Goes On #5 : Solvitur AmbuladoVinyl, 10"Die Stadt1997
Who Sees Goes On #6 : Dream AdjustmentsVinyl, 10"Die Stadt1997
Who Sees Goes On #7 : Avec Le Vide Les Pleins PouvoirsVinyl, 10"Die Stadt1997
An Utterance Of The Supreme VentriloquistVinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Light Green TranslucentSoleilmoon Recordings1996
The Day I Married the WorldVinyl, 7"Fire Inc.1996
Right Here Where You Are Sitting NowVinyl, 7", Limited EditionPovertech Industries1996
The Murray Fontana Orchestra Plays The Hafler TrioCD, Album, Limited EditionStaalplaat1995
One Dozen Ecomomical Stories By Peter GreenawayCD, AlbumSub Rosa1994
NegentropyVinyl, LPAsh International1994
"Bang!" - An Open LetterCDThe Grey Area1994
Walk Gently Through The Gates Of JoyCDThe Grey Area1994
Seven Hours SleepCDThe Grey Area1994
Four Ways Of Saying FiveCDThe Grey Area1994
All That Rises Must ConvergeCDThe Grey Area1994
A Thirsty FishCDThe Grey Area1994
How To Reform MankindCD, AlbumTouch1994
ResurrectionCD, AlbumTouch1993
Mastery Of MoneyCD, AlbumTouch1992
FUCKCD, AlbumTouch1992
Kill The KingCD, AlbumStaalplaat1991
The Hafler Trio Play The Hafler TrioCD, AlbumStaalplaat1991
MasturbatoriumCD, AlbumTouch1991
The Hafler Trio Play The Hafler TrioCD, AlbumAnckarström1991
DislocationCD, AlbumStaalplaat1990
KuklosCassette, AlbumTouch1990
Ignotum Per IgnotiusCD, AlbumTouch1989
Present Brion Gysin's DreamachineVinyl, LPKK Records1989
Present Brion Gysin's DreamachineCDKK Records1989
IntoutofCD, AlbumSoleilmoon Recordings1988
IntoutofVinyl, LPKK Records1988
DislocationCassette, AlbumStaalplaat1987
Ben, Ruach, Ab, Shaloshethem, Yechad Thaubodo / Idrogeni SuperioriVinyl, LPMusica Maxima Magnetica1987
UntitledCassette, Limited Edition, C45Crippled Frog Music1987
The Sea OrgVinyl, 10"Touch1986
Hotondo Kiki TorenaiCassette, Limited Edition, C60AQM1985
Mastery Of MoneyCD, Album, RemasteredKorm Plastics
Seven Hours SleepCD, Album, RemasteredKorm Plastics
Cleave: 9 Great OpeningsCDNextera
If Take, Then Take: Tricks, Half-Tricks & Real PhenomenaVinyl, LPCrippled Intellect Productions
Kisses With Both Hands From Gods Little ToyCD, MinimaxImportant Records (2)
I Was There / That Would BeVinyl, 7"Musical Tragedies
No More Twain, Of One Flesh: 11 Unequivocal ObsecrationsCDNextera
Ignotum Per IgnotiusCD, Album, RemasteredKorm Plastics
The Moment When We Blow The Flour From Our TonguesVinyl, Limited Edition, 10", ClearCrouton
Exactly As I Do2 x CDImportant Records (2)
An Utterance Of The Supreme VentriloquistCD, Limited Edition, RemasteredSoleilmoon Recordings
A Bag Of CatsCD, AlbumTouch
La Chanson DadaVinyl, 10"Raft Recordings
Untitled2 x Vinyl, 7"Die Stadt
Á Ég Að Halda Áfram?CD, MinimaxImportant Records (2)
Three Ways Of Saying Two - The Netherlands LecturesVinyl, LPCharrm
A Small Child Dreams Of Voiding The PlagueCD, MinimaxImportant Records (2)
Brain SongVinyl, 12"Touch
Anything That Anyone Else Tells You Is Not Good EnoughVinyl, 12", Limited EditionPhonometrography
How To Slice A Loaf Of Bread (Lengthwise)3 x CD, Limited EditionPhonometrography
How To Slice A Loaf Of Bread3 x CD, Limited EditionPhonometrography
No One RemainsVinyl, 10"Crouton
Where Are You?CD, AlbumPhonometrography
Exactly As I Say2 x CDPhonometrography
Where Are You?CD, Album, Limited EditionPhonometrography
Scissors Cut Arrow2 x CDPhonometrography
Who Gave You The Ability To Envisage Perfection?Vinyl, Limited Edition, 7", ClearPlinkity Plonk Records
Soundtrack To "Alternation, Perception, And Resistance" - A Comprehension ExerciseVinyl, 12"L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords
Seven Hours Sleep2 x Vinyl, LPL.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords
Kill The KingCD, Album, RemasteredKorm Plastics
How To Reform MankindCD, Album, RemasteredKorm Plastics
A Thirsty Fish2 x CD, Album, RemasteredKorm Plastics
Infidelity To ReasonVinyl, 7", Limited EditionSyntactic
Infidelity To ReasonVinyl, 7", Limited EditionSyntactic
I Never Knew That's Who You Thought You WereCD, MinimaxImportant Records (2)
Being A Firefighter Isn't Just About Squirting WaterCD, MinimaxImportant Records (2)
3 EggsCDImportant Records (2)
A Thirsty Fish2 x Vinyl, LPTouch
No Man Put Asunder: 7 Fruitful And Seamless UnionsCDDie Stadt
"BANG" - An Open LetterVinyl, LPDoublevision

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