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Музыкант: Scott Brown


Hardwired Vol. 22 x CD, MixedEvolution Records2005
Ravers Choice2 x CD, MixedDownUnderground2004
I Would Stay2 x Vinyl, 12", PromoAll Around The World2004
Definition Of A BadboyVinyl, 12"Xque Records2004
I Became HardcoreVinyl, 12", 45 RPMXque Records2004
Ice ColdVinyl, 12"Xque Records2004
Really Need You / Let It All GoVinyl, 12"Evolution Records2004
Self DestructionVinyl, 12"Pont Aeri Records2004
I'm In HeavenVinyl, 12"Bit Music (Spain)2004
Happy 2b Hardcore: Old SkoolDVDMoonshine Music2003
Rock You SoftlyVinyl, 12"Xque Records2003
Rock You Softly / Rock Rock OnVinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPMEvolution Records2003
Synthetic DreamsVinyl, 12"Xque Records2003
The Saga Continues / How Else Can I Say It?Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPMEvolution Records2003
This Is HardcoreVinyl, 12"Xque Records2003
Turn Up The Music (Breeze & Styles Remix)Vinyl, 12"Xque Records2003
Turn Up The Music (Remix) / GhostsVinyl, 12", Picture DiscEvolution Records2003
Twilight ZoneVinyl, 12"Xque Records2003
Blue RoomVinyl, 12"Xque Records2002
Elysium PlusVinyl, 12"Evolution Plus2002
Gang Bang SocietyVinyl, 12"Xque Records2002
Gang Bang Society / Somebody In The HouseVinyl, 12"Evolution Plus2002
Joints To RockVinyl, 12"Forze Records2002
Synthetic Dreams / Hardcore Is The FutureVinyl, 12"Evolution Plus2002
This Is Hardcore / Why Should You LiveVinyl, 12"Evolution Plus2002
Twilight Zone / Clash Of The TitansVinyl, 12"Evolution Records2002
Gang Bang Society12"Evolution Records2002
Blue Room / Rock, Rock OnVinyl, 12"Evolution Records2001
Enlightened / Come On / Pray With MeVinyl, 12"Evolution Records2001
Johnny (Remixes)Vinyl, 12"Evolution Records2001
King Of The BeatsVinyl, 12"Forze Records2001
King Of The BeatsVinyl, 12"PN Records2001
Now Is The Time 2001Vinyl, 12"Evolution Records2001
The Buckfast ExperienceVinyl, 12"Neophyte Records2001
The Buckfast ExperienceVinyl, 12"PN Records2001
Eternal SoulVinyl, 12"Evolution Records2000
Love Me Too / SensationVinyl, 12"Evolution Records2000
Turn Up The Music / Trance SectVinyl, 12"Evolution Records2000
Everybody12"Dance Pool2000
Brain Basher / RubbenutVinyl, 12"Twisted Vinyl1999
EcstacyVinyl, 12", 45 RPMFog Area1999
I Don't Need Nobody / Feel The BeatVinyl, 12"Evolution Records1999
Super Sharp Beatz / Healing MindVinyl, 12"Evolution Records1999
Yeah Oh Yeah / The JourneyVinyl, 12"Evolution Records1999
Future ProgressionCDMainframe Recordings1998
Check It Out Now / BacktrackerVinyl, 12"Bouncy Techno1998
Drop That Beat / AfterlifeVinyl, 12"Happy Trax1998
Make 'Em Clap / The PilgrimVinyl, 12"Bouncy Techno1998
Piano Trax EPVinyl, 12"Happy Trax1998
Rhythms On Time / Bust The New JamVinyl, 10"Twisted Vinyl1998
A New Sensation / New School GabberVinyl, 12"Twisted Vinyl1997
Dream On / All I WantVinyl, 12"Evolution Records1997
Fast BeatVinyl, 12", 45 RPMEuropean Hardcore United1997
Feelin' AlrightVinyl, 12"Happy Trax1997
GizmaniaxVinyl, 12", 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPMGizmania-X Records1997
HallelujahVinyl, 12"Twisted Vinyl1997
Hardcore PowerVinyl, 12"Inferno Records1997
Heaven's Gate / CapricornVinyl, 12"Evolution Records1997
Lost SoulsVinyl, 12"Corrosion1997
Outside World / One More ChanceVinyl, 12"Evolution Records1997
Rock With The SoundVinyl, 12"Inferno Records1997
Wheels Of Fortune / Spaced OutVinyl, 12"Evolution Records1997
Gizmaniax12"Gizmania-X Records1997
Rez IIIVinyl, 12"Rezerection1996
Rez IIICD, Maxi-SingleRezerection1996
Back With The HardcoreVinyl, 12"Twisted Vinyl1996
Burnin' Up EPVinyl, 12"Screwdriver Records1996
Cool Please BrotherVinyl, 12"Goblins Records1996
Mad To Da Bone EPVinyl, 12"Twisted Vinyl1996
Now Is The TimeVinyl, 12"Max Music (Spain)1996
Now Is The Time ('96 Remixes)Vinyl, 12"Evolution Records1996
Now Is The Time ('96 Remixes)CD, Maxi-SingleEvolution Records1996
Rock That Body / Comin' To Get YaVinyl, 12"Evolution Records1996
Rock That Body / Comin' To Get YaCD, Maxi-SingleEvolution Records1996
The People Love ItVinyl, 12"Evolution Records1996
The People Love ItCD, Maxi-SingleEvolution Records1996
The Shredder EPVinyl, 12"Twisted Vinyl1996
The Theory Of Evolution2 x Vinyl, LPEvolution Records1996
The Theory Of EvolutionCDEvolution Records1996
Feel The MusicVinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPMForze Records1995
Feel The MusicCD, Maxi-SingleForze Records1995
A New FeelingVinyl, 12"Screwdriver Records1995
Do What Ya LikeCD, Maxi-SingleEvolution Records1995
Do What Ya Like! (The Rezerection Anthem)Vinyl, 12"Evolution Records1995
Gazometer EPVinyl, 12"Evolution Records1995
Now Is The TimeVinyl, 12"Evolution Records1995
Now Is The TimeCD, Maxi-SingleEvolution Records1995
The New York ConnectionVinyl, 12"Twisted Vinyl1995
A View To The Future EPVinyl, 12"Twisted Vinyl1994
The Detonator E.P.Vinyl, 12"Notorious Vinyl1994
Neck Breaker (Remixes Part 1)Vinyl, 12"Evolution Records
We're Droppin' ThisVinyl, 12"Evolution Plus
Hardwired II2xCDEvolution Records
Return To Elysium / IgnitionVinyl, 12"Blatant Beats
Fall Into Your Arms / Allways On My MindVinyl, 12", 45 RPMEvolution Records
Fly With You 2005 / Who's Runnin'Vinyl, 12"Evolution Plus
Break It DownVinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPMTraxtorm Records
Taking Drugs? (Remix) / Out Of My BrainVinyl, 12"Evolution Plus
I Call The Shots / We Don't Give A DamnVinyl, 12"Evolution Plus
Self DestructionVinyl, 12"Rotterdam Records

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