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Музыкант: Martin Solveig


Rejection (The Club Remixes)CD, Maxi-SingleMixture Stereophonic2007
Something BetterVinyl, 12"D:vision Records2006
HedonistCD, Album, Limited EditionMixture Stereophonic2005
EverybodyCD, Maxi-SingleDefected2005
EverybodyVinyl, 12", Single SidedMixture Stereophonic2005
EverybodyVinyl, 12", Single Sided, Limited EditionVendetta Records2005
EverybodyVinyl, 12", Promo, Single SidedDefected2005
JealousyVinyl, 12", Single Sided, PromoMixture Stereophonic2005
JealousyVinyl, 12", Single Sided, PromoDefected2005
Jealousy (Promo)12"Defected2005
I M A Good ManVinyl, 12"D:vision Records2004
Rocking MusicCD, Maxi-SingleULM Electro2004
I'm A Good ManVinyl, 12"Defected2004
I'm A Good ManVinyl, 12"Defected2004
I'm A Good ManVinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic2004
I'm A Good ManVinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic2004
Sur La Terre Part 22 x Vinyl, LPDefected2004
Rocking MusicVinyl, 12"Vendetta Records2004
Destiny (Reworked Mix)Vinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic2004
Rocking MusicVinyl, 12"Ultra Records2004
Rocking MusicVinyl, 12"Urban2004
Rocking Music (Remixes)Vinyl, 12"Urban2004
Sur La Terre2 x Vinyl, LPDefected2004
I'm A Good Man12"Mixture Stereophonic2004
Rocking Music12"Ultra Records2004
Rocking MusicVinyl, 12"D:vision Records2003
Rocking MusicCD, Maxi-SingleULM Electro2003
MadanCD, Maxi-SingleUniversal Music Jazz (France)2003
MadanCD, Maxi-SingleUniversal Music Jazz (France)2003
Rocking MusicVinyl, 12", Single Sided, PromoDefected2003
Rocking Music (Lee Cabrera Remixes)Vinyl, 12"Vendetta Records2003
LindaVinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic2002
Sur La Terre2 x Vinyl, LPMixture Stereophonic2002
Sur La Terre (DJ Tools Limited Edition)Vinyl, 12", Limited EditionMixture Stereophonic2002
Mr PresidentVinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic2001
Come With MeVinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic2000
DestinyVinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic2000
Heart Of AfricaVinyl, 12"Groovy Records2000
Heart Of Africa (Volume 1)Vinyl, 12"Chez Music2000
Heart Of Africa (Volume 2)Vinyl, 12"Chez Music2000
Heart Of Africa / Afro DeepVinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic1999
Break Da EPVinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic1998
JealousyCD, Maxi-SingleDefected
Jealousy (Part Two)Vinyl, 12"Defected
Jealousy (Part One)Vinyl, 12"Defected
Jealousy (Remixes)12"Defected
Rocking Music (Advance Acetate CDR)CDrDefected
Sur La Terre (Enhanced Edition)2 x CDDefected
HedonistCDD:vision Records
HedonistCDUniversal Music (France)
HedonistCDUniversal Music (Australia)
EverybodyVinyl, 12"Defected
I´m a good man12"Mixture Stereophonic
Fuzzy MusicVinyl, 12", Unofficial ReleaseNot On Label
SuiteCDULM Electro
Something Better (Part One)Vinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic
Billies Rockin' MusicVinyl, 12", Unofficial ReleaseMichael Jackson (White)
Sur La TerreCDULM Electro
Linda (Kenny Dope Remixes)Vinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic
Everybody12"Mixture Stereophonic
Rocking MusicCD, Maxi-SingleDefected
Rocking Music (Remixes)Vinyl, 12"Defected
Rocking MusicVinyl, 12"Defected
Someday (Remixes)Vinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic
EverybodyVinyl, 12"Not On Label
Everybody12"Not On Label
Rocking MusicVinyl, 12", Unofficial ReleaseNot On Label
Martin's DopeVinyl, 12", Unofficial Release, PromoNot On Label
Sur La Terre (Part 1)2 x Vinyl, LPD:vision Records
Sur La Terre (Part 2)2 x Vinyl, LPD:vision Records
I'm A Good Man (Part 2)Vinyl, 12", White Label, PromoD:vision Records
JealousyVinyl, 12", Single Sided, PromoD:vision Records
Jealousy (The Remixes)Vinyl, 12"D:vision Records
I'm A Good ManCD, Maxi-SingleDefected
I'm A Good ManVinyl, 12"Vendetta Records
JealousyVinyl, 12"Vendetta Records
Jealousy (New Edition)Vinyl, 12"Vendetta Records
EverybodyCD, Maxi-SingleUniversal Licensing Music (ULM)
SatisfiedVinyl, 12"Basic Traxx Recordings
Rocking MusicVinyl, 12", Single Sided, PromoMixture Stereophonic
Rocking MusicVinyl, 12", Single SidedVendetta Records
Rocking MusicVinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic
Rocking MusicCD, Maxi-SingleUrban
Rocking MusicVinyl, 12"Defected
Sur La Terre EPVinyl, 12"Vendetta Records
EverybodyVinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic
JealousyCD, Maxi-Single, PromoDefected
Jealousy (Part Three)Vinyl, 12"Defected
Something BetterVinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic
Something BetterVinyl, 12"Vendetta Records
Something Better (Part Two)Vinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic
Something better remixes part 2Vinyl, 12"Mixture Stereophonic

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