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Студия записи: Total Recall Records

Выпущенные издания:

Yves DeruyterCalling EarthCD, Maxi-Single2001
JaydeeSpank! Spank!Vinyl, 12"1998
JaydeeSpank! Spank!CD, Maxi-Single1998
N.Y. ConnectionIn Front (Wan' It)CD, Maxi-Single1998
Summer JunkiesI'm Gonna Luv You - Jason Nevins RemixesCD, Maxi-Single1998
Space 2000Mighty WindCD, Maxi-Single1998
VariousIntelligent Innovation - The Fifth Independence2 x CD, Compilation1997
VariousChicago Megamix (Chicago 97 In The Mixx)CD, Maxi-Single1997
Yves DeruyterCalling Earth ('97 Remixes)Vinyl, 12"1997
JaydeePlastic Dreams '97 (The Remixes)CD, Maxi-Single1997
Atlantic OceanWaterfall (The Peter Parker Remixes)CD, Maxi-Single1997
Capricorn20 HzVinyl, 12"1997
Capricorn20 HzCD, Maxi-Single1997
StrategyHigh EnergyVinyl, 12"1997
Tribaldome 2The Wardance MegamixesCD5"1997
VariousInnovative Communication - The Third Call2 x CD, Compilation1996
VariousIntelligent Innovation - The Fourth Call2 x CD, Compilation1996
VariousWorld Techno Alliance2 x CD1996
VariousPure Goa - A Psychedelic Trip2 x CD, Compilation, Digipak1996
Non EricPiranhasCD, Maxi-Single1996
Tom Tom (7)Nylon MoonCD, Maxi-Single1996
Tom Tom (7)Nylon MoonVinyl, 12"1996
VariousInnovative Communication - The Second Call2 x CD, Compilation1995
JaydeePlastic Dreams - The Remix CollectionCD, Maxi-Single, Limited Edition1995
Yves Deruyter IVCalling EarthVinyl, 12"1995
Yves Deruyter IVCalling Earth RemixesCD, Maxi-Single1995
Yves Deruyter IVCalling Earth Re-RemixesCD, Maxi-Single1995
VariousTraumatismo Y Terror Vol. 3 - Lucifer's Final Chapter2 x CD, Compilation1994
VariousTraumatismo Y Terror Vol. 3 - Lucifer's Final Chapter2 x CD1994
VariousKult Klassix Vol. 32 x CD1994
VariousTribaldome 2 - The Second Gathering2 x CD1994
VariousTrip To Mars Vol. 22 x CD1994
VariousTraumatismo Y Terror Vol. 13 x CD, Mixed, Compilation, Limited Edition1994
Atlantic OceanBody In MotionCD, Maxi-Single1994
Atlantic OceanWaterfallVinyl, 12"1994
Atlantic OceanWaterfall - The Peter Parker RemixesCD, Maxi-Single1994
Atlantic OceanWaterfall - The RemixesCD, Maxi-Single1994
CapricornHarakiriCD, Maxi-Single1994
Jon JoyWe Need LuvVinyl, 12"1994
VariousThunderdome V The MegamixesCD, Maxi-Single1994
VariousThunderdome V The MegamixesVinyl, 12"1994
DJ WondermikeTake Me Away (The Mixes)CD, Maxi-Single1994
DJ WondermikeTake Me Away (Cappella Remixes)CD, Maxi-Single1994
DJ BubbaThe Unknown Future (Remixes)Vinyl, 12"1994
DJ BubbaThe Unknown FutureCD, Maxi-Single1994
VariousThe Night Of The Hellraisers - Torture OneCD, Compilation1994
VariousThunderdome - The MegamixesCD5"1994
Q-Bass (3)It's About The HeartVinyl, 12"1993
VariousTribaldome - Remixed Edition2 x CD, Mixed, Compilation1993
VariousTrip To Mars2 x CD, Compilation1993
JaydeePlastic DreamsCD, Maxi-Single1993
VariousTribal Dome2 x CD, Compilation1993
Charly Lownoise & Mental TheoTiroler Kaboemsch (The Remixes)Vinyl, 12"1993
Charly Lownoise & Mental TheoTiroler Kaboemsch (The Remixes)CD, Maxi-Single1993
VariousThunderdome - Limited Edition Remix - The F**ckin' MegamixCD, Maxi-Single, Mixed, Limited Edition1993
Capricorn20 HzCD, Maxi-Single1993
GizmoThunderdomeCD, Album1993
VariousThunderdome - The Megamixes2 x Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition1993
VariousThunderdome IV - The Original Dreamteam2 x CD1993
Rotterdam Termination SourceMerry X-MessCD, Maxi-Single1993
ProphetiaRave Is Your PartyVinyl, 12"1993
ProphetiaRave Is Your PartyCD, Maxi-Single1993
OricomIntersonic EPVinyl, 12"1993
Dreamteam, TheThunderdome - The MegamixesVinyl, 12", Limited Edition, Picture Disc1993
ZolexYes & NoCD, Maxi-Single1993
Cold SensationLife Is No GameCD, Maxi-Single1993
VariousKult Dance Klassix2 x CD, Compilation1992
VariousTechno WarriorCD1992
VariousTechno WarriorVinyl, LP1992
VariousTechno Warrior PresentsCD, Compilation1992
VariousTrance-Orbital-ExpressCD, Compilation1992
VariousTechno Warrior Presents Vol. 2CD, Compilation, Partially Mixed1992
Rotterdam Termination SourcePoing (Remixes)Vinyl, 12"1992
Rotterdam Termination SourcePoing! (Phenomania Remix)CD, Maxi-Single, Limited Edition1992
Obscure FMThe Resurrection Of Michael JacksonVinyl, 12", Promo, White Label1992
Object, TheThe Way It IsVinyl, 12"1992
Secure FmThe Resurrection Of Michael JacksonCD, Maxi-Single1992
Obscure FMMichael Jackson Is In Heaven NowVinyl, 12"1992
Obscure FMMichael Jackson Is In HeavenCD, Maxi-Single1992
VariousTechno Warrior Presents Volume 2Vinyl, LP, Compilation1991
Object, TheTerminator 2 Dance Theme (The Remixes)Vinyl, 12"1991
Object, TheTerminator 2 Dance Theme (The Remixes)CD, Maxi-Single1991
Chimo BayoAsi Me Gusta A MiVinyl, 12"1991
Chimo BayoAsi Me Gusta A MiCD, Maxi-Single1991
TechnologicWrong NumberCD, Maxi-Single1991
Tom TomReplayVinyl, 12"1991
Techno ManiaThe MegamixVinyl, 12", Mixed1991
Techno ManiaThe MegamixCD, Maxi-Single1991
Object, TheLa La DeeVinyl, 12"1991
Object, TheTerminator 2 Dance ThemeVinyl, 12"1991
Object, TheTerminator 2 Dance ThemeCD, Maxi-Single1991
Tom TomReplay / (See Me) Touch MeVinyl, 12"1991
Chimo BayoAsi Me Gusta A Mi (Tom Tom Remix)Vinyl, 12"1991
Chimo BayoAsi Me Gusta A Mi (Tom Tom Remix)CD, Maxi-Single1991
TechnologicWrong NumberVinyl, 12"1991
VariousTechno Trash Volume 1Vinyl, 12"1991
Tom TomReplayCD, Maxi-Single1990
Charly Lownoise & Mental TheoTiroler Kaboemsch12"
JaydeePlastic Dreams '97CD, Maxi-Single
Yves DeruyterCalling Earth (The Limited Edition Remix Collection)CD, Maxi-Single

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