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Студия записи: Waveform Records

Выпущенные издания:

VariousOne A.D. (Volume One Ambient Dub)CD, Compilation, V 2.02000
Sounds From The GroundKinCD1996
Higher Intelligence Agency, TheFreefloaterCD1996
VariousOne A.D. (Volume One Ambient Dub)2 x Vinyl, LP1994
Higher Intelligence Agency, TheColourformCD1993
Sounds From The GroundTerra FirmaCD
Ras CommandSerious Smokers (The Best Of Ras Command)CD
Liquid ZenLiquid ZenCD, Album
VariousSlumberland (Episode Two : Awake & Dreaming)CD
VariousFour A.D.CD
Pitch BlackApe To AngelCD
BluetechPrima MateriaCD
Eastern Dub TactikBlood Is ShiningCD
VariousVoodoo RouxCD
Open CanvasNomadic ImpressionsCD
SlowdeckMultiple OffensesCD
VariousThree A.D.CD, Compilation
VariousAncient AlienCD
VariousOne A.D. (Volume One Ambient Dub)CD, Compilation
VariousSlumberland (Episode One)CD
VariousOne A.D. (Volume One Ambient Dub)CD
TuuAll Our AncestorsCD
PhutureprimitiveSub ConsciousCD, Album
Grey AreaAnd Then The CloudsCD
Open CanvasIndumaniCD
Sounds From The GroundHigh RisingCD
Skin To SkinTemenosCD
KozoPlanned PenetrationCD
TuuOne Thousand YearsCD
A Positive LifeSynaestheticCD
ZerO One (2)ZerO OneCD
Sounds From The GroundLuminalCD
VariousTwo A.D.CD
Loop GuruDuniya (The Intrinsic Passion Of Mysterious Joy)CD
ZerO One (2)protOtype2CD
VariousVoodoo Roux DeuxCD
VariousSmooth Chill - The Radio SinglesCD
VariousSunset Magnetic NorthCD
VariousSmooth Chill - The Radio SinglesCD

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