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Студия записи: Nuclear Blast

Выпущенные издания:

IlldisposedFour Depressive Seasons (Remastered Edition)CD1994
Detest (2)DorvalCD1994
KonkhraSexual Affective DisorderCD1994
Winter (2)Eternal FrostCD, Maxi-Single1994
MacabreBehind The Wall Of SleepCD, Maxi-Single1994
MortificationBreak The Curse 1990CD1994
HypocrisyInferior DevotiesCD, Maxi-Single1994
Pungent StenchClub Mondo Bizarre - For Members Only (Version 2)CD1994
BenedictionThe GrotesqueCD, Maxi-Single1994
AmorphisTales From The Thousand LakesCD, Promo1994
BrutalityWhen The Sky Turns BlackCD1994
MortificationBlood WorldCD1994
MeatlockerTriangle Of PainCD, Maxi-Single1994
HypocrisyThe Fourth DimensionCD1994
KataklysmSorceryCD, Promo, Card sleeve1994
diSEMBOWELMENTTranscendence Into The PeripheralCD, Album1993
VariousNuclear Blast 100CD1993
Dead WorldThe MachineCD1993
DismemberIndecent And ObsceneVinyl, LP1993
DischangeSeeing Feeling BleedingCassette1993
MacabreSinister SlaughterVinyl, LP1993
Master (2)Collection Of SoulsCD1993
AmorphisThe Karelian IsthmusCD, Album1993
GorefestThe Eindhoven InsanityCD1993
General SurgeryNecrologyCD, Maxi-Single1993
KataklysmThe Mystical Gate Of ReincarnationCD, Maxi-Single1993
NoNoYesNoDeepshit, ArkansasCD1993
HypocrisyOsculum ObscenumCD1993
Pungent StenchDirty Rhymes And Psychotronic BeatsCD1993
BenedictionTranscend The RubiconCD1993
Rostok VampiresStone Dead ForeverCD1993
MacabreSinister SlaughterCD1993
Resurrection (2)Embalmed ExistenceCD1993
BrutalityScreams Of AnguishCD1993
SinisterDiabolical SummoningCD1993
DischangeSeeing Feeling BleedingCD1993
Various5 Years Nuclear BlastCD1993
Fetish 69AntibodyCD1993
Divine EveAs The Angels WeepCD, Maxi-Single1993
TarnfarbeHeroes Of TodayCD1993
Pungent StenchFor God Your Soul ... For Me Your Flesh (1993 Version)CD1993
VariousPromo EP IIVinyl, 7"1993
MortificationPost Momentary AfflictionCD1993
Pungent StenchDirty Rhymes And Psychotronic BeatsVinyl, 12"1993
DefecationPurity Dilution (1992 Version)CD1992
SinisterCross The StyxVinyl, LP1992
DismemberPiecesCD, Maxi-Single1992
SinisterCross The StyxCD1992
BenedictionExperimental StageVinyl, 7"1992
BenedictionReturn To The EveVinyl, 7"1992
MonstrosityDarkest DreamVinyl, 7"1992
AfflictedProdigal SunCD1992
Disharmonic Orchestra(It Was) Just A ThoughtVinyl, 7"1992
AfflictedRising To The SunVinyl, 7"1992
VariousDeath ... Is Just The Beginning IICD1992
MortificationScrolls Of The MegillothCD1992
MonstrosityImperial DoomCD1992
BrutalitySadisticVinyl, 7"1992
MonstrosityImperial DoomVinyl, LP1992
BenedictionDark Is The SeasonCD, Maxi-Single1992
Winter (2)Into DarknessCD1992
Winter (2)Into DarknessVinyl, LP1992
Disharmonic OrchestraNot To Be Undimensional ConsciousCD1992
BenedictionDark Is The SeasonVinyl, 12"1992
VariousDeath ... Is Just The Beginning II2 x Vinyl, LP, Coloured1992
DismemberPiecesVinyl, 12"1992
Pungent StenchBeen Caught ButteringVinyl, LP1991
DismemberLike An Ever Flowing StreamLP1991
DismemberLike An Everflowing StreamCD1991
SuffocationHuman WasteVinyl, 12"1991
RevenantProphecies Of A Dying WorldCD1991
Chronical DiarrhoeaThe Last JudgementCD1991
MeshuggahContradictions CollapseCD1991
AbominationTragedy StrikesCD1991
Pungent StenchBeen Caught ButteringCD1991
Rostok VampiresTorment Of TransformationCD1991
Master (2)On The Seventh Day God Created...MasterCD1991
DismemberSkin Her AliveVinyl, 7"1991
SuffocationHuman WasteCD, Maxi-Single1991
Death StrikeFuckin' DeathCD1991
BenedictionThe Grand LevellerCD1991
DismemberLike An Ever Flowing StreamVinyl, LP1991
Death StrikeFuckin' DeathCD1991
DeathcoreSpontaneous UndergroundCD1990
Righteous PigsStress RelatedVinyl, LP1990
Disharmonic OrchestraExpositionsprophylaxeVinyl, LP1990
Master (2)Master / FollowerVinyl, 7"1990
BenedictionConfess All Goodness / Blood, Pus & Gastric JuiceVinyl, 7"1990
AtrocityHallucinationsVinyl, LP1990
BenedictionSubconscious TerrorVinyl, LP1990
Incubus (3)Beyond The UnknownVinyl, LP1990
Righteous PigsTurmoilVinyl, 7"1990

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