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Студия записи: No Type

Выпущенные издания:

James SchidlowskySouterra (In Search For Providence)File, MP32006
Unireverse, ThePlays The MusicCD2005
VariousMontreal Free!4 x CD2003
Books On TapeHey Typical!Vinyl, 10"2003
Claudia BonarelliMay '68Vinyl, 10"2003
N.KraBits.PiecesFile, MP32003
Click TracyWarren BeattyFile, MP32003
VariousThe Freest Of Radicals2 x CD2002
Morceaux_de_machinesLiberum ArbitriumCD2002
Magali BabinChemin De FerCD2002
Headphone ScienceNumber 65File, MP32002
Illusion of SafetyGraintextFile, MP32001
Books On TapeThe Highly Illogical EPFile, MP32001
Claudia BonarelliBoredom Is CounterrevolutionaryFile, MP3, 128 kbps2001
VariousBipolar TransmissionFile, MP32001
Viceroy, ThePharmaceuticalsFile, MP32000
ThinMoody HatFile, MP32000
Period ThreeHalogenFile, MP31999
Matrix AssimilationHaikuFile, MP31999
Period ThreeMoving SystemsFile, MP31998
Oeuf KorrecktLeonard NimoyFile, MP31998
Surfing SecretsLe Bruit Qui Rend FouFile, MP31998
CampFéministeFile, MP3
CampCan't TellFile, MP3, VBR
Galerie StratiquePoint D'orgueFile, MP3, 128
Unireverse, TheFirst NoizzleFile, MP3, VBR
L'Orchestre De GranulationL'Orchestre De GranulationFile, MP3, 192
Cal CrawfordEvery So Often Or Traces ThereofFile, MP3
A DontignySine Fiction Vol. 1: WeFile, MP3
HolzkopfLungs And Other OrgansFile, MP3
Érick D'OrionThe Sunny Blount ProjectFile, MP3, 192
Ensemble CampLive à RésonancesFile, MP3
VariousNo Type Sampler 2003File, MP3
Milliseconde TopographiePaperasses ÉparsesFile, MP3, 160
Jos SmoldersHemel (For KM Krebs)File, MP3, VBRI
833-45Warrenton / SingularityFile, MP3, 128 kbps
Tomas JirkuBleak 1999CD
VariousThe Freest Of Radicals RemixedFile, MP3
AnaesthesiaAnaesthesiaFile, MP3
VariousNo Type SamplerCD
Oeuf KorrecktPodweekCD
Max HaivenFrontCD
Headphone ScienceWe Remain FadedCD
Books On TapeBooks On Tape Sings The BluesCD
MetaxuRumors Of WarCD, Enhanced
ElasticlegoBlurred Memories Of A Static ChildFile, MP3
ElasticlegoAnalgesiaFile, MP3

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