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Музыкант Various: Альбом The Freest Of Radicals Remixed

Label: No Type
Format: File, MP3

Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Tribal House


01   Claudia Bonarelli - A Buckeye Shuts (Dick Richards Remix)
02   Elastic Science - Camp-Gadget Dick-Monster Vaughn-Bonarelli Kanovalx-Oeuf
03   Morceaux_de_machines - Numerically Unstable (833-45 Remix)
04   Warm Gravel Metroid Soundtest
05   Tomas Jirku - Train Song (Alphacat Remix)
06   Tomas Jirku - I Think I'm in Agony (Books On Tape Remix)
07   V.V. - Momentous Achievements (Chris Degiere Remix)
08   Chris Degiere & Oeuf Korreckt - Twelve-dollar-a-year Radical (N.Kra Remix)
09   Gimp Gadget Oscillation - A Heir Son (Books On Tape Remix)
10   Claudia Bonarelli - Spinal Technica Dub (Chris Degiere Remix)
11   Claudia Bonarelli - Them Dub Us Back (Dick Richards Remix)
12   Tomas Jirku - I Think I'm In Love Again (Claudia Bonarelli Remix)
13   Six Joggler Waveporn Mommy
14   Kalx - Cat Test (Alphacat Remix)
15   Viratone Ballad - Viral Tone Ballet (Infoslut Remix)
16   Chris Degiere - Sixpence-and-change-sir Radical (N.Kra Remix)

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